August 17, 2018

The Coming Democrat Vote Fraud: dead voters in Ohio; non-citizen voters in Texas; Pelosi tells Dems to be unscrupulous

All signs are pointing to massive vote fraud by the Democrats this November.

In just one congressional district (the 12th) in Ohio, as many as 170 registered voters are either dead or fakes because they are all over 116 years old. (Breitbart)

The majority of those 170 -- 124 in all -- are a remarkable 218 years old, all born on January 1 in the year 1800, three years before Ohio became a state!

In Texas, more than 280,000 non-citizens are registered to vote. Additionally, another four million registered voters – or 30 percent – of Texas’ 14.1 million registered voters cannot be found in Texas Department of Public Safety’s database. It is unknown how many of the four million are improperly registered and voting illegally.

As reported by Ross Kecseg of Empower Texans, those stunning facts were revealed yesterday by Direct Action Texas (DAT), a watchdog organization known for exposing mail ballot fraud in Texas.

DAT is joined by two other citizens' groups, Grassroots America: We the People (GAWTP) and Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition, in a letter to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who ostensibly had made election integrity a priority, asking Abbott to direct the Secretary of State to verify the citizenship of persons registered to vote in Texas, and notify local county registrars of their findings. The letter reads:
“Unfortunately, Texans continue to see headlines of non-citizens voting in our elections. In Tarrant County, Rosa Ortega, a legal resident, non-citizen, had been voting for 10 years before being caught and convicted. In Beaumont, an El Salvadoran was indicted on multiple federal charges for having voted in the 2016 Presidential election…In a recent interview Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar confirmed that non-U.S. citizens are on the voter lists in his county. He is quoted stating, ‘That non-citizens are registered to vote is beyond question. That non-citizens are voting in Starr County is also beyond question.’ They are registered and voting, the only remaining question is, how many.
Public Interest Legal Foundation, a public interest law firm dedicated to election integrity, has documented non-citizens registered and voting in several states, including Texas, and is suing Harris County in federal court for refusing access to public records of non-citizens found on the county’s voter rolls.

State Sen. Don Huffines (R–Dallas) has committed to file legislation that would force the Secretary of State to verify citizenship of all registered voters. Similar legislation had previously been filed by outgoing State Sen. Van Taylor (R–Plano), but Republicans didn’t move the bill.

Meanwhile, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brazenly tells her fellow Democrats to "do whatever they have to do" to win the upcoming mid-term elections. 

Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Sunday, August 12, with guest host Jonathan Capehart, a Washington Post columnist, for a wide-ranging discussion during which she lashed out at a supposed media conspiracy to undermine her leadership.

On the upcoming November midterm elections, suffering delusions of grandeur, Pelosi said:
"The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars against me because they're afraid of me, because I outrace them in the political arena, I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I'm a woman."
Then Pelosi told the members of her party to do whatever they "have to do” to get elected. She said:
“Now, I do believe that none of us is indispensable, but I think I'm the best person for the job [of House Speaker]. I won't let the Republican ads which are just flooding these districts. I say to the [Democrat] candidates ‘do whatever you have to do, just win baby...we must do this’.”

"Whatever they have to do" implies just that -- "whatever" -- which in turn implies that Pelosi is telling Democrats to have no scruples and to use whatever ploy they can, including lies, to get elected. (The dictionary defines "unscrupulous" as "Devoid of scruples; oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable.")


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  1. In an average election year, the fraud could have gone either way I assume, but not this time. This time the Democrats, with their propaganda corporate media behind them, have a huge advantage. What they can't do in stuffing the "ballot box" by hacking or paying illegals to vote, they can use the media to cover up and obfuscate. The California vote in the presidential election was so fake that it should have been recounted and fully audited. In the old two-party system (Democrat and Republican) the vote could oscillate between the two parties, putting the machine's Democrat in one time and putting the machine's Republican in the next time. But this time the machine is heavily on one side, and it isn't our side.

  2. Democrats are too stupid to realize God shortened man's lifespan to 120 years after Noah's flood.

    President Trump should come up with some Executive Order/Presidential Directive that will prohibit states from destroying votes cast for 1 year after an election, so fraud like what happened to Judge Roy Moore, doesn't happen again without getting a chance to recount ballots.

    And of course, voter ID should be a national requirement, especially if the gubmint wants every state to go to the Real ID system

    1. "voter ID should be a national requirement"
      I recently sent an email to the President urging him STRONGLY to do something about voter fraud before the end of the mid-terms if possible. I suggested using the National Guard to provide the legs to get EVERY eligible voter ID'ed by at LEAST a photo ID,but even better,by fingerprint,they're MUCH harder to fake. The Left's lies about Photo ID to vote "disenfranchising" the poor would be EASY to prove baseless and at a minimal cost to America. It could be enacted in minutes with an EO,and be put to an official vote after the mid terms. I'm praying President Trump sees this threat as seriously as WE do.

  3. Democrats had a 90% turnout in the midterm primaries? Yeah, I believe that...
    I personally think that all federal elections (President, Senators, Representatives) should be standardized throughout the nation, and on their own separate ballots, with voter ID, and a double-check system on the tallying and delivery of all ballots. The states can do whatever they want with their own state, city & local elections, but since the federal elections affect every single person in the USA, then they are important enough to be separate and safeguarded.

  4. We knew this they are just catching up to us now. WAKE UP demorats.